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Cheap Furniture Removals & Moving Terms

Removal Squad - Removalist & Moving Service Terms & Conditions


  1. We ensure the time confirmed at the time of making the booking is kept at all times. However due to the nature of the industry, delays are unavoidable, unintentional and beyond our control. Time booked for arrival thus is not guaranteed.
  2. Parking must be arranged for by the client.
  3. When booked for 1 Removalist with a Truck or a Van, client must help with the loading and unloading of the goods when assistance is required. Denial to help in such circumstances may result in cancellation of the job and additional call out charge.
  4. A most appropriate information must be provided for the amount of items to be carried and the property premises to avoid any additional costs and charges during the moving.
  5. Client must be the rightful owner of the goods being moved by our removalists or must be authorized the rightful owner.
  6. An authorized person is recommended to be present at all times to instruct the removalists. We take no responsibility in case of any thing left behind in case of absence of someone on your end.
  7. Boxes being moved must be rightfully marked referring to the contents inside to avoid improper handling and eventual damage.
  8. Period of waiting for the client on arrival at the scheduled time at pickup location will be counted as detention and will be charged for at the hourly rate the job is booked for.
  9. Any damage, breakage and/or missing items upon delivery must be notified before the removalists leave from the destination address. We hold no liability towards any claims made after removalists have left from the premises upon the completion of the works.
  10. Any specific instructions to care for your belongings while moving them, must be clearly communicated to the removalists to avoid any damage and future inconvenience.
  11. Customer must provide with details of any health hazards and dangers that may be there at the premises while the moving or packing job is being carried out, or that related to the goods being carried and transported.
  12. Pets must be removed, locked away or restrained on premises to provide our removalists with a safe work space.
  13. Removalists must be provided with Clear and Unobstructed access to property and throughout the premises for our removalists. Failure to do so may incur additional charges.
  14. Clients must not directly or indirectly engage, employ or contract a removalist introduced by us for self or by any relative or friend for at least a period of 12 months after a service is provided unless a written consent to do the same is obtained from the management.
  15. We reserve the right to make any amendments to this list of terms at anytime.


  1. All prices advised are inclusive of GST.
  2. Minimum charges applicable on all jobs consists of 2 hours of moving from arrival at pickup and 30 minutes (half hr) back to base upon completion.
  3. Time taken on a removal or packing job over and above the minimum hours earlier specified will be charged on half hour blocks (30 minute) increments thereafter.
  4. In case all your belongings and furniture items did not fit in the first trip load, traveling back to the pickup address for any consecutive trip loads will not be without any charge, unless waiver of the same is confirmed by one of our executives.


  1. Any parking charges in the area must be paid by the client, unless free parking is arranged for otherwise. Parking infringements issued when parked as instructed by the client must be paid for in cash only by the client at the completion of the job.
  2. Toll Roads will only be used only if requested by the client. Additional charges will apply for each way travel: $15 for Van and $20 for Truck.
  3. All Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit Card payments will incur additional 3% surcharge.
  4. Disposal of goods in a rubbish tip will incur additional charges to cover for the travel time to the tip location and any additional costs charged by the tip for disposal.
  5. Client will be payable for all costs related to the parking of the moving vehicle in area if no free parking has been arranged for from before. Any parking infringements being issued while parking with client’s instructions will have to be paid along with the total removal charges on the job.
  6. Moving up and down the flight(/s) of stairs take much additional energy other than the time itself. Additional charges may be applicable for the same at sole discretion of the removalists on site.
  7. Cancellation of a confirmed booking in less than 24 hours from the booked arrival time will incur a minimum of 1 hour of charges along with any additional costs paid for by us while making arrangements for your removals. This must be paid via bank transfer or Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit Card.
  8. In case non payment and seizure of goods, where the goods are to be taken to storage warehouse until the payment is made, additional charges applicable will be to meet the travel cost and off-loading at the storage, storage costs, and other administration costs. We will not be held responsible in case of any loss incurred by client in such a situation. In case of non payment within 30 days form the seizure of the goods, we reserve the right to sell or dispose off the goods to recover the payment for our services.


  1. Full payment must be made at the completion of the job, unless alternative payment arrangements have been made at the time of making the booking.
  2. Any surcharges applicable for providing the removal or packing service must be paid for along with the service charge at the completion of the job.
  3. Payment may be requested anytime during the removal works are being carried out, before the start of the job or prior to off loading of the goods at the destination. This will be at sole discretion of the removalists on site.
  4. In case of non payment for the services any of the relocated goods may be seized until the payment has been made. Additional charges will be applicable if goods thus seized may have to be taken to storage warehouse until the payment is finally made.


  1. We carry Public Liability Insurance for all our Removal Jobs. This insurance covers damage that may occur to building due to our movers’ negligence.
  2. Customers must carry their own Home & Contents Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance and have that arranged prior to the moving. We can certainly assist in arranging the same for you.
  3. We hold no liability for any existing damage to client’s property and premises.


  1. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time for the service booked for. Additional charges will be applicable on client’s account in case of failure to comply.
  2. If client is perceived to be unwilling pay at the end of the service, goods loaded in the moving vehicle may be locked and/or seized until the payment is made prior to the unloading.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel any job on arrival or while the job is being carried out if the client is abusive, non-cooperative, property condition is dangerous to the health and well being, removalists do not feel safe, or for any other reason at sole discretion of the removalists on the job.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule any confirmed booking in case of contingencies, unforeseen situations or delays that may occur due to traffic or from the previous jobs on the day. We hold no liability for any loss to customer in case of any such cancellation or rescheduling of the service.


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